Measuring, Mitigating, Managing Risk



Making Wellness a Priority

Every hour of every day,
millions of people awaken.

For everyone,
one thing is certain.

They must behave in a way that lessens their stress or, they will die young.

Even with a genetic ability to live 115 years or more, most humans will die young.

Measuring, Mitigating and Managing Wellness RISK


Wellness Compliance

Training Five Pillar Wellness Directors

The Five Pillar Wellness Risk Program

Five Pillar Self-Help Wellness

Measure, Assess, Identify, Prioritize, Motivate

We measure Wellness Risk and teach
of Self-Help Wellness.

We help businesses and industry set up an
in-house Five Pillar Wellness


Making Wellness a Priority

Faire du bien être une priorité 

Haciendo del bienestar una prioridad


Shǐ jiànkāng chéngwéi zhòng zhōng zhī zhòng


U~erunesu o yūsen sa seru

Preamble, Our Five Pillar Wellness Program
When we look at the field of wellness we see that wellness is not being done all that well in our communities. Consequently we see a steady increase in the use of disease care dollars and a dizzying array of expensive technological and pharmacological solutions pushing healthcare costs for the community and for individuals to astronomical numbers.

With that in mind we see five stakeholders in the wellness field.

 1. The individual member of society who may become unwell for whatever reason
 2. Insurance companies insuring for health and wellness
 3. Governments covering the cost of disease care and the fallout from unwell people
 4. Businesses hiring people to work for them, people who may already be unwell or who may become unwell
 5. Multitudes of companies and businesses selling one form of wellness or another. Companies that may use science-based knowledge, cultural knowledge, superstition, and slick ConMan, high-pressure techniques for selling somewhat dubious wellness enhancing products and services.

We are offering a new additional solution to the unwell epidemic.

We have a wellness measurement scale, a wellness workshop program, and a business directorship program all to address the issue of individual wellness. We have put together a Five Pillar Wellness Program, built initial web sites at http://WellnessRisk.com to explain our program and https://TheQ.ca to measure and put numbers to wellness. We have coined the term "Wellness Risk" to indicate the degree of risk a person faces in their present state. We have drafted a Five Pillar Wellness Risk Research program to collect Wellness Risk statistics. We offer people workshops to improve their wellness risk numbers and offer to train business Wellness Directors to manage Five Pillar Wellness programs in-house in businesses and industry. We propose a Wellness School and a Wellness Foundation to manage the science on wellness and the dissemination of wellness strategies. We are Making Wellness a Priority.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS
Certified Member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)
Retiring Certifications: DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

Be sure to see our RESOURCES tab for our Slide Shows. These shows are a good way to get started understanding Wellness Risk Management.

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Special Note               

Every hour of every day,

millions of people awaken.

For everyone,
one thing is certain.

They must behave in a way that lessens their stress or,
they will die young.

Our program is a wellness tool to help people interested in self-help wellness strategies.

Business management and the workforce have multiple tools at their disposable for doing their job.

People interested in wellness have very few tools and a bewildering array of wellness data presented to them through various media, some science based, much of it not.

We would like to present a new wellness tool to business and make a very generous offer to add to a company’s wellness services.

Multidimensional wellness is much larger than just nutrition, exercise and the FoodPainConnection alone. We know this from the prolific number of scientific papers in the Wellness field.

We started in the 1980's on a project that was very large. This meant pieces would need to come together slowly. We concluded from clinical experience that the Five Pillars were the essence of Self-Help Wellness.

Science was the lead with a basic principle that, to keep it in the Self-Help category  various health care professions, including my own, would need to take a back seat while the science pertaining to Self-Help would need the lead.

So, what is the bottom line fine print with our program? If people follow our suggestions, our diet, our lifestyle, then they will see a correction in blood fats, a correction in blood pressure, a lowering to normalization of weight, a better vascular system, including the heart, and a better brain with all that this entails. This all comes naturally from following the wellness science.

We measure a person for that science and show how to move forward with Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management.

It is time to launch this important field and tell people what their Five Pillar Wellness Risk numbers are.

Here's to, Making Wellness a priority.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS