Measuring, Mitigating, Managing Risk 

For Individuals Interested in Wellness.

TheQ.ca is our measuring web site.


Wellness Risk is how closely a person lives their life according to the science of multi-dimensional Five Pillar Wellness. 

Wellness Risk indicates a ‘heading’ for healthcare troubles.

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Group Sessions:

In person (A suitable venue would need to be established.)

10- to 15 people per group.

$10 per hour per person

Our model offers the research program assessment free to individuals and groups with subsequent measurements outside the research program at a nominal fee paid online.

Wellness workshops would be paid for by individuals themselves. All measurement tools are offered online and via email. They can be completed in the comfort of an individual’s home.

Companies and businesses have no need to spend money on this new model as the wellness workshop end is funded by the individuals benefiting from improved wellness.

The Issue of Poverty
At the point in time when we are ready to go to the public with our program we will address the issue of poverty in a community by offering a Wellness Agent Program which pays a commission on the sale of Wellness Workshops. This process allows a person to earn their way through Wellness Workshops with an opportunity for wellness income generation.

Although this is not intended to tackle all poverty issues, it does address a specific cohort of people who may be interested, willing and able to work. This includes the deaf and the blind who may make great paired teams to promote the Five Pillar Wellness Model should they wish to participate. More about that in the future.

Getting Involved, Making Wellness a Priority
The Five Pillar Wellness model does not supplant, take over, or substitute for, any present wellness programs a business may offer. It is an additional tool to add to an ongoing program and is an excellent way to start a wellness model in a business if one is not already there.

For an individual, joining the Five Pillar Wellness program is voluntary, anonymous and allows for the individual’s own personal priority within the parameters of the model.

The research program offers individuals and businesses a way to easily get started, or to ramp up wellness as a priority. The research program helps us build statistical numbers on diverse population bases to offer improved, or additional guidelines, on wellness efforts.

Five Pillar Wellness Workshops with Dr. Ouellette are as follows.

These are Reduced Fees in association with the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management program.

Private Sessions at the present time exclusively with Dr. Ouellette:

$60 per hour


$100 for a two-hour session

$175 for a four-hour session.

Sessions can be divided into multiple days, can be offered over the phone and can be purchased several times.


Choosing a time line for workshop help.

By way of guidance, most people who are already well into fitness require about 2 hours of time to grasp the principles of the FoodPainConnection and correct basic issues with their Five Pillar Wellness Action Plan.

Most people who are not into fitness, who already have several issues like weight gain, pain syndromes, or medical diagnoses given by medical doctors who do not understand all Five Pillar Wellness issues, will require about 4 hours or more to grasp the principles of the FoodPainConnection and correct basic issues with their Five Pillar Wellness Action Plan.

We should clarify that when medical doctors are stumped by wandering pains, intermittent pains, confusing pain syndromes, digestive issues etc., they often give generalized diagnoses like the -'itises',,,, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, capsulits, colitis, other SOFT TISSUE 'itises' etc.

We believe there is a FoodPainConnection with all of them but, do not deny the functional abnormalities that present to the clinician.

The conundrum is that various syndromes are most often a summation of several stressors. The premise of the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management program is that we can help people through that conundrum.

Workshop purchase, See Link.

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Special Note               

Every hour of every day,

millions of people awaken.

For everyone,
one thing is certain.

They must behave in a way that lessens their stress or,
they will die young.

Our program is a Wellness tool to help people interested in self-help Wellness strategies.

Business management and the workforce have multiple tools at their disposable for doing their job.

People interested in Wellness have very few tools and a bewildering array of Wellness data presented to them through various media, some science based, much of it not.

We would like to present a new Wellness tool to business and make a very generous offer to add to a company’s Wellness services.

Multidimensional Wellness is much larger than just nutrition, exercise and the FoodPainConnection alone. We know this from the prolific number of scientific papers in the Wellness field.

We started long ago on a project that was very large. This meant pieces would need to come together slowly. We concluded from clinical experience that the Five Pillars were the essence of Self-Help Wellness.

Science was the lead with a basic principle that, to keep it in the Self-Help category  various health care professions, including my own, would need to take a back seat while the science pertaining to Self-Help would need the lead.

So, what is the bottom line fine print with our program? If people follow our suggestions, our diet, our lifestyle, then they will see a correction in blood fats, a correction in blood pressure, a lowering to normalization of weight, a better vascular system, including the heart, and a better brain with all that this entails. This all comes naturally from following the Wellness science.

We measure a person for that science and show how to move forward with Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management.

It is time to launch this important field and tell people what their Five Pillar Wellness Risk numbers are.

Here's to, Making Wellness a priority.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS