Measuring, Mitigating, Managing Risk 

For Individuals Interested in Wellness.

TheQ.ca is our measuring web site.


Wellness Risk is how closely a person lives their life according to the science of multi-dimensional Five Pillar Wellness. 

Wellness Risk indicates a ‘heading’ for healthcare troubles.

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Wellness Risk School

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 The Five Main Points to Understand about a School
A school is for training Wellness Risk Management Engineer/Instructor candidates. Its not for the general public.
Wellness Risk Engineer/Instructors do NOT teach Wellness.
Wellness Risk Engineer/Instructors help clients with compliance with the science. That science is contained in their Wellness Action Plan.
TheQ.ca computer algorithm selects Wellness Action Plan items for each person based on Questionnaire responses and generates a Wellness Report of Findings which does all the teaching.
A Wellness Risk Instructor can help clients understand their Wellness Risk Report of Findings by clarifying points and answering questions about the RoF.

One might better call the Engineer/instructor a Wellness Risk Action Plan Instructor.

The school is where lay candidates learn the Wellness Risk Instructor Mandate and the principles under which they will run Wellness Risk Workshops.

We will be instituting protocols for extra training for those Wellness Instructors to become trained in Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet. This is the diet that will effect weight loss if that be a goal.


Five Pillar Wellness Engineer/Instructor Counselling
Removing Teaching Fear in Five Pillar Wellness Engineer/Instructors

The Five Pillar Wellness Engineer/Instructor is a hands-on Engineer/Instructor who helps people troubleshoot specific Wellness Action Plan issues identified by the online Wellness Knowledge Calculator, and helps people understand their Wellness Risk Report of Findings (RoF) by clarifying points and answering questions about their RoF.
What is there for a Wellness Engineer/Instructor to fear?
The fear is in not knowing what to tell the client about science-based Wellness. That is an understandable fear.

We remove that fear by having a computer algorithm do all the teaching while the Wellness Risk Engineer/Instructor helps people select which of their eight Wellness Action Plan items to work on first, then helps them troubleshoot Wellness Action Plan issues.

The Engineer/Instructor does not teach Wellness or nutrition or weight loss. The Five Pillar Wellness Action Plan is already customised for the client by the program. The Engineer/Instructor is there to recommend work-a rounds for a client to achieve all action plan items in their list.

No Wellness Teaching Required
As we have said, the Engineer/Instructor does not teach and does not disseminate Wellness knowledge. This is a major key. The Five Pillar Wellness Engineer/Instructor helps the client find a solution to whatever problem the client is having with the Five Pillar Wellness Action Plan list. The Five Pillar Wellness Engineer/Instructor works within the confines of the complete action plan list located in the Wellness Knowledge Calculator Instructor’s set of notes. That set of notes is customised for each client and is the place the counsellor goes for additional action plan items for that client.

The Five Pillar Wellness Engineer/Instructor works within Five Pillar Wellness workshops. The steps a Wellness Risk Management client takes are: the client takes the Wellness Knowledge Calculator online at https://TheQ.ca  then reviews their Five Pillar Wellness Progress Chart alone. The client then has the option to purchase workshop hours.

The workshop provides the Five Pillar Wellness Report of Findings which includes the Wellness Action Plan.

Alternatively, a client can purchase their Five Pillar Wellness Report of Findings online without buying a workshop and then work on their own. In that case, they will not have access to the Instructor’s Notes file that provides further Action Plan items. They would have to take the Wellness Knowledge Calculator again to obtain a new Wellness Action Plan based on new data from the new calculation. That is the logical method to proceed toward new Wellness Action Plan items without a Wellness Risk Management Engineer/Instructor to help them.


The Pain Relief Diet Program

The Non-Pharmaceutical Natural Pain Relief Program
This program stems from the way our body deals with pain and inflammation. It is measured in the online Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator protocol. We will develop a separate Instructor program for this option. This option is often needed by people in crisis of long duration, or recurring symtomatology, who have very confusing clinical signs that many health care practitioners are either ignoring, misinterpreting or mis-diagnosing. This class of people need this particular option so it is available in the Wellness Progress Chart NUMBERS when needed.

Creating a Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management Engineer/Instructor Directorship Program
Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Reduction with Advanced Wellness

  • Contact us today to learn how to get started and integrate the Five Pillar Wellness Program with a present Wellness program, or start a new Wellness initiative.
  • Delivering Five Pillar Wellness to workers, staff and management is a low cost to no cost opportunity for a business.
  • Businesses can offer scientific Wellness strategies for workers and separate programs for management.
  • All businesses will be entered into the Wellness Risk Management Research program. This program will collect Wellness blended statistics for the business. Individual scores are blended into aggregate statistics for that business.
  • We will show how we use the internet to improve efficiency and how we pass costs to the clients who gain Wellness through our strategies.
  • Our program is an anonymous volunteer program that helps a business show workers and management they care about wellness. All score numbers are anonymous and further, these anonymous numbers are aggregated into research cohort group number averages.
  • Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your business needs.

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Special Note               

Every hour of every day,

millions of people awaken.

For everyone,
one thing is certain.

They must behave in a way that lessens their stress or,
they will die young.

Our program is a Wellness tool to help people interested in self-help Wellness strategies.

Business management and the workforce have multiple tools at their disposable for doing their job.

People interested in Wellness have very few tools and a bewildering array of Wellness data presented to them through various media, some science based, much of it not.

We would like to present a new Wellness tool to business and make a very generous offer to add to a company’s Wellness services.

Multidimensional Wellness is much larger than just nutrition, exercise and the FoodPainConnection alone. We know this from the prolific number of scientific papers in the Wellness field.

We started long ago on a project that was very large. This meant pieces would need to come together slowly. We concluded from clinical experience that the Five Pillars were the essence of Self-Help Wellness.

Science was the lead with a basic principle that, to keep it in the Self-Help category  various health care professions, including my own, would need to take a back seat while the science pertaining to Self-Help would need the lead.

So, what is the bottom line fine print with our program? If people follow our suggestions, our diet, our lifestyle, then they will see a correction in blood fats, a correction in blood pressure, a lowering to normalization of weight, a better vascular system, including the heart, and a better brain with all that this entails. This all comes naturally from following the Wellness science.

We measure a person for that science and show how to move forward with Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management.

It is time to launch this important field and tell people what their Five Pillar Wellness Risk numbers are.

Here's to, Making Wellness a priority.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS