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We should discuss pain a bit, but only a tiny bit.

Pain is commonly caused by an 'itis'. The itis is commonly caused by poor behaviour, ie. poor lifestyle, thus, the link to our services.


 Arthritis The Cartilage part of the joint.
 Tendinitis Tendons connect muscles and bones together.
 Bursitis A closed sack like a balloon with no air in it.
 Capsulitis The capsule part of the joint.
 Myositis Muscle
 Osteitis Bone
 Discitis Discs in the spine.

The Inflammation - itis - Word
Finding an ‘itis’ on the end of a medical word means inflammation of that tissue which the word points to. Some common ‘itises’ in Musculoskeletal tissues are as follows.

Health care professionals do not cause any of the itises by their treatments or the examinations. Chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons etc., generally do not cause any of these itises. People have them before they walk into the office. An examination may temporarily aggravate an itis, but it does not cause it. People may have the itis in a sub clinical form. That means they have the itis, but do not know it because the pain is not there yet. The tissues are not stretched enough yet. The health care professional is trained to find those itises. Sometimes that might hurt a wee bit.

Treating the itises becomes a multi factorial problem because most often the itis is multi factorial. For instance smokers have more itises and more of most everything bad. People overweight have more itises because the excessive weight strains tissues. Sedentary people have more itises because of poor blood flow. People who eat the common poison-foods in Dr. Ouellette’s poison food list have more itises.

The itises can cause pain. That is usually because the itis causes swelling and that swelling stretches the pain sensors setting off pain. The itis can also cause disability if the part affected will not work properly while the itis is there.

Getting rid of the itis can be tricky because people may not be willing to change some of the things adding to the itis. They search for passive care and drugs instead of correcting the things they can fix themselves for free.

When chiropractors manipulate the spine, that treatment doesn't cause disks to bulge or rupture. When massage therapists perform deep fiber therapy this treatment doesn't cause muscles to tear. There are massage techniques to tear scar tissue adhesions, but that is another story. 

However, when surgeons perform surgery they do have to cut through tiny nerves, and sometimes larger ones too, which sometimes leaves long-term numbness. When medical doctors prescribed multiple medications, these sometimes cause cross-reactions.

We can see that it is usually better to try conservative therapies first before the more radical therapies of drugs and surgeries which carry higher risks. To be clear, drugs and surgeries are sometimes necessary. Our position is that people should do all they can themselves, to help themselves before agreeing to the more radical treatments available. That is the idea behind self-help wellness.

And, if there is hope that people can prevent disease processes, injury processes, and sickness processes from happening in the first place, then that is by far the smarter way to go. Understanding these technical considerations with regard to healthcare providers helps de-stress one's life considerably.

WellnessRisk.com puts numbers to wellness in order to show a direction that people can take to help themselves, even with some of the more common itises.

WellnessRisk.com does not treat pain, or any other condition for that matter. See a licenced health care professional if you have pain.

See our PDF article on Wellness Recovery-Wellness Maintenance the Issue of PAIN.

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Special Note               

Every hour of every day,

millions of people awaken.

For everyone,
one thing is certain.

They must behave in a way that lessens their stress or,
they will die young.

Our program is a Wellness tool to help people interested in self-help Wellness strategies.

Business management and the workforce have multiple tools at their disposable for doing their job.

People interested in Wellness have very few tools and a bewildering array of Wellness data presented to them through various media, some science based, much of it not.

We would like to present a new Wellness tool to business and make a very generous offer to add to a company’s Wellness services.

Multidimensional Wellness is much larger than just nutrition, exercise and the FoodPainConnection alone. We know this from the prolific number of scientific papers in the Wellness field.

We started long ago on a project that was very large. This meant pieces would need to come together slowly. We concluded from clinical experience that the Five Pillars were the essence of Self-Help Wellness.

Science was the lead with a basic principle that, to keep it in the Self-Help category  various health care professions, including my own, would need to take a back seat while the science pertaining to Self-Help would need the lead.

So, what is the bottom line fine print with our program? If people follow our suggestions, our diet, our lifestyle, then they will see a correction in blood fats, a correction in blood pressure, a lowering to normalization of weight, a better vascular system, including the heart, and a better brain with all that this entails. This all comes naturally from following the Wellness science.

We measure a person for that science and show how to move forward with Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management.

It is time to launch this important field and tell people what their Five Pillar Wellness Risk numbers are.

Here's to, Making Wellness a priority.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS