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WR Preface

One of the major problems involved with improving wellness is finding out what is wrong. Once you know what is wrong, then fixing it becomes somewhat easier. Our program is about finding out, and fixing wellness risk. 

We are defining a new type of health risk which we call Wellness risk. In our program there are no personal physiological health parameters measured. This makes us considerably different from most other Wellness assessment tools available. Two anatomical parameters are asked for, height and weight in order to profile body type. We also ask for waist and hip circumference.

To solve the problem of standardizing Wellness delivery we must run through the process of defining and explaining the following.

  • The type of Wellness concepts we are proposing, 
  • How to measure this type of Wellness, 
  • What protocols we have in place, 
  • How we propose to ensure quality control throughout multiple venues, with multiple people, in multiple countries. 

This web site will explain some of our concepts in the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management Project and serve as a good overview of our program.

Our type of Wellness is defined as multidimensional, self-help Wellness, a positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.


Basic Concepts in Wellness
Analysing Self-Help Wellness brings us to several conclusions.

  • Obviously many professions are involved with the Wellness field. 
  • There is much science on Wellness. 
  • Individuals are not the only ones who benefit from Wellness. 
    • Businesses also benefit through a more fit workforce and management team. 
    • Insurance companies benefit because they insure for disease risk. 
    • Governments that fund health care benefit through less use of the medical care system when their population is more well. 
  • Wellness is often elusive, hard to gain and hard to maintain without restructuring lifestyle habits. 


New Wellness Paradigm
Our present purpose is to introduce business people to our new Wellness paradigm. We help workers, and management, help themselves with multidimensional Five Pillar Wellness. We offer a research program to build Five Pillar Wellness Risk statistics. We enforce a strict Five Pillar Wellness Mandate for future instructors. See links please.

Five Pillar Wellness Mandate

What We Do

We supply Wellness numbers to individuals while at the same time we provide a service to help people implement strategies that boost compliance with Wellness science. We don't need a diagnosis to do that. We just need to know how closely a person follows the science.

We supply numbers on the five pillars of self-help Wellness. We recognize that Wellness is multi factorial so we assess several important clinical factors some of which are antioxidant needs, osteoporosis risk, yellow flags, red flags, pain assessment, and Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet assessment. These additional assessments offer the clinician a glimpse into alternative healthcare thinking and offer the individual the opportunity to investigate and improve their Wellness even more.

If a clinician looks at our numbers then these numbers offer the clinician some avenues to approach those difficult patients who have multiple issues that seem to thwart conventional healthcare professionals. To offer even more security to clients we leave it up to individual clients to deliver their Wellness Progress Chart to any clinicians they might have working on their case.

  • We define then measure Wellness Risk and put numbers to each of the Five Pillars, and to several other important Wellness parameters delivering thirty-eight numbers in all to the client IN AN ANONYMOUS fashion. 
  • We offer Wellness statistical gathering in a Wellness Risk Research Program which has the unique job of asking people first, before they take the questionnaire, what they think their Wellness scores might be in our program. This sets the tone for where their mind-set is on Wellness. Their belief as to where they are with Wellness is an important factor in Wellness Risk. 
  • To achieve the scientific measurement we ask people in an online questionnaire what they are doing presently and what they know about a selected targeted set of behaviours science has indicated are important to multidimensional self-help Wellness. It is recorded anonymously.
  • We look at the 'guess' people make and compare those with their real scores to produce Wellness Perception Risk scores. 
  • We offer Wellness Workshops that have a specific Five Pillar Wellness Mandate. Workshops are designed to improve Wellness and the Five Pillar Wellness Scores. Workshops are where the motivation to improve comes into play. 


Wellness Risk
The risk we are talking about is multidimensional, Five Pillar, Self-Help Wellness Risk. This risk is one people can change in themselves fairly easily when they are sufficiently motivated and sufficiently directed.

Ah yes, the motivation and the direction to go?

We are not talking medical Wellness Risk, nor health risk, nor healthcare Wellness risk because the terms health and health care are terms usurped by the disease care industry. Consequently, we do not need physiological parameters like blood pressure, blood fats, blood sugars etc. We do not need any health care professionals, including medical doctors, in our Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management program because our target is science validated Wellness self-help actions.


Some Wellness Risk Questions?

  • What kind of Wellness? 
  • What kind of risk? 
  • How do we measure risk? 
  • What do we do to mitigate this risk? 
  • What is it that leads us? 
  • What are the five divisions of our Wellness Risk management model? 

We answer all these important Wellness questions in this web site.


What kind of Wellness? 

  • Multidimensional, Five Pillar, Self-Help Wellness. The kind people can readily change in themselves.
  • The key has to be the self-help component with no health care professionals needed. What we wish to avoid in our program is some branded Wellness company coming in and pitching their brand of individual Wellness, corporate Wellness, or any other such Wellness assessment. 
  • Our type of Wellness is defined as multidimensional, self-help Wellness, a positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence. To get all that, we need to follow the science. To standardize that science we need to have a computer algorithm measure, assess, identify and prioritize Wellness actions into a plan. This is what we do. 


Wellness Risk?
This is a new term, more specifically Five Pillar Wellness Risk. We are ready with a new Wellness Paradigm Model.

Measure, Assess, Identify, Prioritize, Motivate


What kind of risk?

Dual Risk (See the link, then come back here please.)

  • Science-Wellness Risk (It means not behaving according to the science of Wellness.)
  • Perception-Wellness Risk (It means perceiving the risk wrongly in either direction.) 


The Five Pillar Wellness Risk Hypothesis

Our hypothesis is studied via the research program we offer. See link above.


PURPOSE: Two purposes of the Five Pillar Wellness Research Project are to collect Wellness statistics anonymously and to test the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Hypothesis.


How do we measure Wellness Risk?


What do we do to Mitigate Wellness Risk?

  • As a Self-Help Wellness program many people may not need any help from us at all once they know their 38 Five Pillar Wellness scores. They would just review their statistics in their Five Pillar Wellness Progress Chart and improve things in their life as they see fit. 
  • When people need more help: The Five Pillar Wellness Workshops are used to help people help themselves according to their prescribed Wellness Action Plan, which when completed, increases their Wellness Scores thus, lowering their Wellness RISK. 


How do we MANAGE Wellness Risk?

  • By participating in voluntary, anonymous, regular, three month measurements which supply a new Wellness Action Plan every time. 
  • Subsequent measurements at TheQ.ca after the one year research program has ended, are not included in the research program.


What is it that leads us?

  • The Science of Wellness leads the way. We are interested in the types of science people can use to improve themselves fairly easily thus, the Five Pillars. 


What are the Benefits to Business?

  • Our program identifies Wellness Risk. 
  • We direct the individual worker on how to go forward with Wellness strategies. 
  • The business can assess how to go forward. 
  • We separate management and, the work force, into separate research cohorts for easy Wellness management. 
  • There is NO cost, to low cost for enrolling a business in the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Research program.
  • Wellness Workshops are funded by workers themselves as they are the ones benefiting from their improved Wellness. 
  • It's an easy implementation for businesses. 
  • Our program establishes the Five Pillar Wellness program in a business or, 
  • Adds our program to an existing Wellness program. 


Can the Five Pillar Wellness Model be added to an existing Wellness Program?

  • Yes. It can work in two ways. It can be a parallel Wellness program to add to what is already there, or it can be a great stand-alone Wellness program. 


What are the five divisions of our Wellness Risk management model?

  • Wellness Measurement Program 
  • Wellness Research Program 
  • Wellness Workshop Program 
  • Wellness Instructor School Program [Future] 
  • Wellness Science Foundation Program [Future] 


What is one fundament basic principle?

  • Basic Key Concept: We are not measuring disease risk, but are measuring what people can do to help themselves with science-based Wellness. If people are not behaving according to the science of Wellness then they are at some level of Wellness risk. 


Are we ready?

  • Yes we are ready and raring to go.


Want your company to enrol in our Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management program?

  • Send our Flyers, Hand Outs, Slide Shows and this web site to your company's management team. See our Resources tab in the left bar.


How does a business get started?

Contact us and get your business, or yourself, enrolled into our No-Cost to business Wellness Research Project. See our link on Enrolling a Business.

Have a look at our Mandate for Wellness Instructors next if you haven't already had a look.

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NEXT: Compliance, explaining the term


Special Note               

Every hour of every day,

millions of people awaken.

For everyone,
one thing is certain.

They must behave in a way that lessens their stress or,
they will die young.

Our program is a Wellness tool to help people interested in self-help Wellness strategies.

Business management and the workforce have multiple tools at their disposable for doing their job.

People interested in Wellness have very few tools and a bewildering array of Wellness data presented to them through various media, some science based, much of it not.

We would like to present a new Wellness tool to business and make a very generous offer to add to a company’s Wellness services.

Multidimensional Wellness is much larger than just nutrition, exercise and the FoodPainConnection alone. We know this from the prolific number of scientific papers in the Wellness field.

We started long ago on a project that was very large. This meant pieces would need to come together slowly. We concluded from clinical experience that the Five Pillars were the essence of Self-Help Wellness.

Science was the lead with a basic principle that, to keep it in the Self-Help category  various health care professions, including my own, would need to take a back seat while the science pertaining to Self-Help would need the lead.

So, what is the bottom line fine print with our program? If people follow our suggestions, our diet, our lifestyle, then they will see a correction in blood fats, a correction in blood pressure, a lowering to normalization of weight, a better vascular system, including the heart, and a better brain with all that this entails. This all comes naturally from following the Wellness science.

We measure a person for that science and show how to move forward with Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management.

It is time to launch this important field and tell people what their Five Pillar Wellness Risk numbers are.

Here's to, Making Wellness a priority.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS